Macintosh statistical software

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Other Statistics Software: surveys, data mining, specialty programs

These are other Macintosh software packages used for data analysis beyond those for regression, ANOVA, or time series analysis. You may also wish to see the list of general-purpose mathematical analysis packages. Don't forget to see the bottom of the page for software that's been abandoned but may still be useful in Classic.

Graphing and data visualization packages are on another page.

Updated 2/18/2020

Survey software

Windows survey software we have tested was excessively hard to use and/or hideously overpriced. The two best options we’ve seen are the free, open-source LimeSurvey, and SurveySaid (an online program which generates html or Java code, which the user can host on their own servers to maintain security; thanks, Marty Einhorn.)

There are also free and moderately priced Web-based solutions, but these all seem to require you to store data on their servers, which is inappropriate or unwise for many surveys. Some are also slow for the respondents or make it clear that you are using a free service.

Geographic resources

free Mac statistics softwareGRASS

Configurations Available: Mac, Linux, Windows

Price: Free (and open source)
Listing updated 2-18-2020

Michael Barton pointed out that GRASS is used for geographic resources data management, image processing, graphics production, spatial modelling, and visualization of many types of data. It is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

Originally developed by the Army as a tool for land management and environmental planning, GRASS is a powerful utility with a wide range of applications in many different areas of scientific research. GRASS is currently used in academic, government, and commercial settings.

GRASS 6 added a new topological 2D/3D vector engine and support for vector network analysis. Attributes are now managed in a SQL-based DBMS. A new display manager has been implemented. The NVIZ visualization tool was enhanced to display 3D vector data and voxel volumes. Messages are partially translated with support for FreeType fonts, including multibyte Asian characters. New LOCATIONs can be auto-generated by EPSG code number. GRASS is integrated with GDAL/OGR libraries to support an extensive range of raster and vector formats, including OGC-conformal Simple Features.

free Mac statistics softwareQuantum GIS

Configurations Available: Mac, Linux, Windows
Current version: 3.10.2
Price: Free (and open source)
Signed for newer Mac versions
Listing updated 2-18-2020; last release, 1/17/2020

Quantum GIS is a somewhat less powerful but easy to use GIS package for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is also an Open Source Geospatial Foundation project, and it supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functions.

free Mac statistics softwareGMT for geographic and Cartesian data

Configurations Available: Mac (under X11), Linux, UNIX, OS/2, Windows [requires Cygwin or VirtualBox for full function]
Current Version: 6.0.0 (released Nov. 2019)
Price: Free (and open source)
Listing updated 2-18-2020

GMT is an open source collection of many tools for manipulating geographic and Cartesian data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and producing Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots via contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views.

Time Series Software


gretl does time series and other statistics; it is in our “special purpose and general math programs” page.


Version 3.7; Automator, Spotlight support;
Price: $100, available in the Mac App Store, Lite version $10; volume discounts
Listing updated 2-18-2020; software updated 2019

Published by Spectraworks, kSpectra Toolkit is “a set of programs for advanced spectral analysis of univariate or multivariate time series arising in many of the physical sciences, ranging from electrical engineering and physics to geophysics and oceanography, as well as biomedical sciences. The toolkit contains procedures for estimating the spectrum of a time series, decomposing the time series into trends, oscillatory components, and noise, and reconstructing the contributions of selected components of the time series,” according to the web site.

Dennis Kahlbaum wrote: “makes time series analysis relatively easy via GUI and built-in functions/methods.”

Other software


Configurations available: MacOS X, Windows
Price: comes with the ActivStats e-book @ $39
Listing updated 2/18/2020

Multimedia product designed to teach college-level statistics (with emphasis on DataDesk). Appears to be somewhat dated, since it's paired with DataDesk 6.3 and DataDesk itself is on 8.1.

Stat-Ease Design Expert

See the main page.

free Mac statistics softwaregretl

Configurations available: OS X (Intel only)
Current version: 2016e
Price: free (open source)
Listing updated 1/2/2017

gretl is a cross-platform software package for econometric analysis, written in the C programming language. It is is free, open-source software that reads in numerous formats and can link to R. Features include an easy, intuitive interface, a wide variety of estimators, time series methods, output in tabular, equation, or LaTeX formats, a scripting language, command loop structure, and GUI for fine tuning graphs. (Thanks, Rudi Bekkers).

Specialty software from Marley Watkins

This software is available from Marley Watkins at (Thanks, Tricia Jones). Some of this software is PowerPC based and will not run under Lion; some are OS 9 based; other programs are Intel-based or universal binaries. There are some Excel spreadsheets, some FutureBASIC and BASIC programs as well.

Commercial software

Insights (née Knowledge Miner (yX))

Configurations OS X 10.9 or newer, “optimized for 10.12”
Current Version: 6.3.2
Price: Free basic version; ranges from Advanced ($129) to Ultimate ($1,990) with $35 student version and educational pricing
Listing updated 2/18/2020; software last updated January 10, 2020

Knowledge Miner’s data mining tool can now stand on its own, without requiring Excel. It can build predictive and descriptive models — “explicit and complexity minimized mathematical models,” with the ability to self-select inputs and show their importance. It has three languages — English, Spanish, and German.

Since Insights is now standalone, it’s able to run as full 64-bit software with parallel processing, boosting speed dramatically. Excel support is optional, for importing directly from Excel 2011 or 2016. Models can be exported in various formats.

The $129 Advanced version forecasts complex time processes without models, automatically runs simulations or forecasts real-time data (storing up to 5 steps ahead — the Ultimate version goes up to 120), exports models in generic form, can run up to 100 inputs with 50,000 samples, and supports up to 100 forecasting steps.

The Professional edition also does cost-sensitive modeling (including ROC and cost curve plots), also exports models in Objective-C and AppleScript, can run up to 2,000 inputs, with one million samples, and has unlimited forecasting steps. Ultimate adds self-organization modeling of interdependent, complex systems, can export systems of equation in Excel, and can handle 25,000 potential inputs.

The company’s own description:

INSIGHTS is original 64-bit parallel software for building predictive models from data, automatically, by evolutionary, self-organizing modelling approaches. Taking observational data that describes a problem, system, or process, the software constructs a working mathematical model... its AI-powered, self-organizing, modeling algorithms allow users to easily extract new and useful knowledge to support decision-making. ... Users in nearly any field can employ the easy-to-use software to analyze noisy data sets and build powerful models, which can be used to help to gain new insights into complex phenomena, predict future behavior, simulate "what-if" questions, and identify methods of controlling processes.

The software promises to hide the processes of model development, dimension reduction, variable selection, noise filtering, and model validation, self-organizing linear or nonlinear, static or dynamic regression models, to generate the equation that best describes the data. It also checks to see if the final model “reflects a valid relationship or if it just models noise.” It can create models for Status Quo or What-If problems, outputting models and model ensembles in ready-to-use Excel, Python, Matlab, AppleScript, or Objective-C code.

Bee Docs Timeline 3D

Price: free-$25
Listing last updated: 1-2-2017
Available in the Mac App Store

Makes pretty timelines.

Data transfer / translation

Version: 13
Price: $499 (commercial), $349 (academic), $49 (student); subscriptions also available
Listing last updated: 1-2-2020

Stat/Transfer can translate to and from most common statistical formats. It works surprisingly well, though you should check to make sure it can make the exact transitions you need.

General math software

Statistical analysis (particularly time series analysis) can also be done using general-purpose mathematical software (especially with optional or standard plugins) such as:


Image extraction software

Also see image extraction software and our abandoned Mac statistics software page.

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