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These are the list of statistical packages for time series analysis. See also:


Configurations Available: 68020; PowerPC native
Current Version: 10.0 Windows, 6.56 Mac
Price: education pricing available

GB-Stat is a regression and time series analysis package. It is published by Dynamic Microsystems, Inc.

We are corresponding with the writers to see if an OS X version is available. The Web site would indicate that the OS 9 version is the most recent, still selling for $400 (on special from $700) despite the age of the program and the fact that the Windows version, identically priced, is at version 10.


gretl does time series and other statistics; it is in our “special purpose and general math programs” page.


Universal Binary (OS X only); version 2.2.2; Automator, Spotlight support; $159
Listin updated 9-6-06

Published by Spectraworks, kSpectra Toolkit is “a set of programs for advanced spectral analysis of univariate or multivariate time series arising in many of the physical sciences, ranging from electrical engineering and physics to geophysics and oceanography, as well as biomedical sciences. The toolkit contains procedures for estimating the spectrum of a time series, decomposing the time series into trends, oscillatory components, and noise, and reconstructing the contributions of selected components of the time series,” according to the web site.

Dennis Kahlbaum wrote: “makes time series analysis relatively easy via GUI and built-in functions/methods.”


Configurations Available: 68020+ with FPU; 68040 with FPU; Power PC; Classic mode of OS X; Terminal
Current Version: 6.02
Price: education and student pricing available

MacRATS (Regression Analysis of Time Series) is distributed by Estima. There is a Mac web page. At the moment, there is no full OS X version, but the OS 9 version is confirmed to run under Classic mode by Estima. There is also a version for UNIX which can be used under Mac OS X and appears to include a Classic-based interface, but which can be used without Classic as a batch program from the Terminal.


Configurations Available: 68040, with or without FPU; PowerPC native; OS X coming
Current Version: 4.5; 5 due soon
Student Pricing: Limited-functionality version

TSP is an econometrics statistical software package published by TSP. An OS X version of version 5 is due shortly; a Sun version has already been completed. We recently corresponded with the publishers, and they say a native OS X version is due in August 2005, and that the OS 9 version works fine under Classic.

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