Macintosh statistical software

What statistics software for Macintosh computers (Macs) works in Mojave and Catalina?

Updated, but not completely, September 25, 2020. See free and open-source Mac statistics software

Apple’s Mac system updates have left certain software behind. This list is to make it easier to figure out whether statistics software is (a) ready for OS 10.15 and beyond, (b) Mojave-safe — that is, OK with OS 10.14, and (c) signed, so you won’t see a scary “unidentified developer” message like the one below. If we leave out information, it’s because we don’t know. If you are a developer or user and want to update this list, please let us know!

Acastat and Clarity: Mojave/Catalina safe, 64-bit, signed

DataDesk: Mojave/Catalina safe, 64-bit, signed

DataGraph: Mojave/Catalina safe, 64-bit, signed

Easy Chi-Square Calculator: Mojave safe, 64-bit, signed

Gauss: 64-bit

G*Power: 64-bit, signed. Version appears to be the most recent, and is compatible up to High Sierra.

InStat: Not 64-bit, not signed, not Mojave safe

Jamovi: 64-bit, signed

JASP: 64-bit, not signed

JMP: 64-bit, signed

Kaleidagraph: Unsigned. No information about 64-bit. Not updated since Mojave’s release.

MacAnova: not 64-bit, unsigned. Software last updated 2012 and is probably dead.

MathStatica: Runs on whatever Mathematica runs. Mathematica’s site does not mention Mojave.

PAST: Mojave/Catalina safe, 64-bit, but unsigned

Prism: 64-bit

PSPP: Unsigned binary; 64-bit. Version 1.2 is safe for Mojave, not Catalina; Version 1.3 is buggy on both.

R (CRAN): 64-bit, signed

Regress+: 64-bit, signed; tested on Mojave

SageMath: 64-bit. Have not tested for signing or Mojave (it's 3.5 GB); not listed on site.

SOFA: Unsigned but 64-bit; there has been no new release since well before Mojave was launched.

SPSS: 64-bit, signed, safe for Mojave with latest “Fixpack” (as of version 25)

Stata: 64-bit, signed, safe for Mojave

StatCalc (from Acastat): 64-bit, signed, Mojave compatible

Wizard: Mojave safe, 64-bit, signed

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